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What is product photography?

Product photography is the representation of a product that we normally see in 3 dimensions in a 2-dimensional image, which is nothing more than a photo of a product that we see today in any magazine with products, websites, or stores. on-line.

To go into more detail, it is a branch of commercial advertising photography, so our product photo is going to have certain special characteristics that other photographic disciplines do not have, such as landscape, portraits and others.

These characteristics are based on the fact that we must represent our product in an almost identical way as we see it in our hands and also make a creative product photograph, to attract the eyes of the future consumer. 

And this means? How to photograph products?

Well, in our product photos, we must represent what we see with our eyes, such as the textures it has, the shapes, the materials, the dimensions. And that is achieved by having complete lighting control, that is, special techniques to photograph these products properly, such as controlling studio lights with modifiers, diffusers and reflectors, among other things.

In this way we will be able to shape a 2D image highlighting all the qualities of the products to be promoted, and if you have understood correctly, to be promoted, since almost all product photography, if not all, is oriented towards sales and promotion of it.

Here the creativity of the product photographer comes into play with the marketing of the brand or product, since we will have to take a product photo that has a desired result, for example, if we are on a website, make the buyer persona (client or future client) take one of the 3 steps of their path to acquisition. Is this difficult for you to understand? Nothing happens, we in our product photography studio know perfectly well what it means and that is how we achieve our successes and the satisfaction of our clients with the photography of products for catalogs.

That is why it is considered the most complete and complex photography of all the disciplines of photography, without detracting from any one in particular, but many say, including me, that knowing product photography, the rest of the styles are much easier to learn and obtain optimal results, since the product photographer, with studies and experience, is the one who best knows how to manage light and how to use it in each situation, obtaining professional product photos.


But in order not to leave you with that doubt, I am going to give you a brief explanation of what it is.

The idea is that if a customer is looking for a particular product, it is because they intend to buy it, since the 3 fundamental steps are, Attraction, Interest and decision, and Action (call, purchase, email... whatever you decide)

We create the attraction with a descriptive and creative image, that is, a creative product photography, the interest will be your description that meets the needs of the client and also with images of details, angles and without distractions, we achieve that decision so that you end up making a action, such as buying the product or calling a representative.

In short, product photography is a necessary function for the promotion of the products to be sold.

Gastronomic Product Photography

Well known and confused with food photography, which although it has its logic, has its degree of error in calling gastronomy photography food photography.

And surely you are wondering where the difference is. Well, I'll tell you, the difference is that gastronomic photography is photography for products but food-oriented, does it seem even more confusing? But no, it's simpler, for example a product photo is also a food photo because this is the product itself, but we also have a product still life or life style photo, right? that is, aspects of the product in general, since gastronomy would be like the product but only food, that is, something that we will put in our mouths for your delight. So we focused on it as the niche of the food aspect in product photography.

Well summarizing. What is food photography?

It is the product photography only related to food

We have food photography (salads, first courses, seconds, etc), desserts, drinks (wines, beers, etc). Still life photography or food still life. Ecommerce photography for food, lifestyle photography for food. But not only, this style of photography has a special technique within product photography, that is why we can often find great gastronomic photographers but when it comes to making products they do not have the correct technique or education to take photos of products, but otherwise it is very common to see true product photographers who are very good gastronomic photographers, because of the issue that we have discussed that photography Product photography is the most complex of all photographic disciplines.

Top Food Photographer Malaga Marbella

What does a product photography studio have to have to take professional photos?

It is something very relative, since it depends on a fundamental factor, which style of product photography is the best or you want to orient yourself, since this photographic discipline, being so complex, needs a lot of equipment to take the best product photos.

If I have to say, which I have also explained in some videos on my YT channel (Estudiografia), there is minimum equipment that a photography studio must have, logically, in addition to the camera and lenses, it is the use of a tripod very stable, many studio lights, be they flash or continuous, modifiers of these lights, lighting diffusers, all kinds of accessories to hold these modifiers and others, enough space to take the photos, take the photos connected to the computer, flash triggers , camera remote controls, developing and editing programs and other extras. But we must bear in mind that if we want to do some special technique such as freezing, we have to have special flashes that do allow us to freeze a movement, and these types of flashes are very expensive. and not all studios can afford them, obviously we have them.

That is why we can guarantee that we can do any type of technique and any professional photography of products, since we have a studio with all the necessary equipment and that every day we continue to invest more to give more and more quality to our images. Call us now to discuss your needs and we will do everything in our power to take your product photography in Malaga

What types or photographic styles exist within product photography?

There are several, but they are not very well explained on the internet, only I (to this day) have synthesized, explained and differentiated it as correctly and accurately as possible.

You can see it in this video (only in Spanish)

But for those who want to know these styles, I will summarize them and you will also be able to see our product photo services for each of these styles, where I will add the corresponding links to each one.

Let's get started!

Simple product photography

Well, as its name indicates, it is the style of professional photos for products where we will find our product well represented alone, without adding any other distraction or complement. Many times it is confused with photography for online stores since it is the product alone but with a white background photo, which is a simple product photography, but in reality it is not generated to create attraction but rather decision. On the other hand, the product photography that generates attraction will usually be seen with a different lighting, more creative, with illuminated backgrounds, reflective bases and others, such as this product photo

Product Photography in Malaga Marbella Spain

Simple Ecommerce Photography

It is a variant of the simple professional product photography but it is only intended for product information, for example, to see it in different angles, and details, they are usually the photographs with a white background. We have a page dedicated to photography for online stores here.

360 degree product photography

This style of photography is more of a branch within ecommerce photography, since it is the photo or actually many photos from different angles, on a white background, in general, that you can see the product as a video, but in Actually it is a file compiled from multiple photos where it is possible to manipulate it with the mouse. If you want to know more about the 360 product photography and its rates, go to the link

Still Life Photography

This style must be explained this photography itself is what is known as still life (nature morte) in art, and we can find many still life photographs that do not represent the product but the art of the photographer to convey his emotion in his photographic work of art.

On the other hand, the Still life photos for products are represented in another way, it is where our product interacts with the environment, many times we see them represented with other elements (called props) that generate an image of integration with the product, a very common example. is to see in food photography, our product (the food to be sold) surrounded by elements that can be combined with this product, other secondary foods, drinks, condiments, accessories, tables, backgrounds and others. Also another example could be in jewelry photography where we can find our jewel supported by a special type of material, or stone where it could represent the type of material of our jewel or where it comes from. Or a perfume that is surrounded by a frozen liquid (Splash technique) giving the feeling of freshness.

Here you will see some examples in our photos. You can also see many more photos in each of our photographic services for products

Still Life Product Photographer Malaga Marbella Spain
Beverage Photographer Malaga Marbella Spain
Life Style Photographer in Malaga Marbella Spain

Lifestyle Photography

Yes, one more style within product photos is Life Style photography, although it sounds very similar to still life, it is very different. This style within product photos is more oriented towards the integration of the product with the consumer. , and if you remember what still life is, which was of the product with its environment, but where the consumer does not appear, that is why it is part of still life. Lifestyle, on the other hand, does interact directly with the target of its buyer person, where the product is the protagonist, but without many special techniques to highlight the product itself, but rather to highlight the interaction with its potential buyer. Very typical examples that we can see in social networks, where a brand shows its product that is being used by someone or several.

Very typical where we have seen it is in the networks or websites of big brands, such as Coca Cola, using its bottle with the target user, or baby food, with a baby and its mother, or watches used by an executive, etc. .but the only thing in common is, as I said, that the focus of attention is the product and not the model or the place.

This is a service that we offer and that is highly requested at this time, generating content for social networks and their management.

Do the photos for your products need editing?

Absolutely! If a studio is considered good enough to offer professional product photography services and says not to use photo editing or to use the minimum necessary, you can already give yourself an idea that it is not a serious studio.

Editing product photos is as necessary as using the camera to take the photo, here in this video you can see the process he used to make a product photo edit for ecommerce of a very expensive product.

and in this other one how to edit a photograph of jewelry. And as you will see, from the simplest to the most complex photography, editing is always required. EVER!

Here, we can find product photography in Spain where the quality of the edition is not at the same level as in other countries, and it shows, that is why I have learned to do product photography and to edit product photos in the USA and with great editors of photos for products and in the results you can see the difference.

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