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What does interactive 360º product photography entail?

At first glance, the term “360 product photography” might seem somewhat misleading based on its end result. When we encounter a product in our ecommerce or online store, it appears as though we are watching a video showcasing the product’s rotation. However, upon hovering over the image, the familiar hand cursor (similar to links) suggests interactivity. And indeed, we can manipulate this “video,” rotating it in different directions, pausing and resuming movement as desired. So, we find ourselves questioning: What exactly is 360 product photography? How is it possible to control the spin’s direction? And, most importantly, why is it called photography when it resembles a video more than a photo?

Allow me to explain below.

How does 360º product photography work?

In the past, when the old "flash" (a way of programming a script that is no longer active) existed on our websites, we could clearly identify this flash file. Today, other ways have been created to replace these files using scripts that are developed online, with an image compiler. This is where 360-degree product photography arises. It consists of taking photos from almost all angles of a product using a rotating base. At each turn, a photo is captured, providing different angles of the product. These photos are taken successively until a full rotation is completed, resulting in a significant number of images, such as 36, 48, 96, or even more. Then a "program" stitches these photos together in a special way. When uploading them to the website and passing the mouse over the image, recognized by our browser, the "hand" appears and, through internal codes, we can interact with the compiled photos according to our mouse interactivity.

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Hence the name 360-degree product photography. In our studio, we have the necessary technology to take 360 product photography in Estepona, near Marbella, Málaga to highlight your products.

Furthermore, not only is there the option of 360 photography in terms of single axis rotation, usually in the horizontal axis, but there are also machines and technologies that allow us to capture photos in both horizontal and vertical axes. This not only offers a 2-dimensional photograph that rotates 360 degrees, but also generates a 3D effect that rotates in all directions and in both axes. It should be noted that this type of machinery usually has high costs compared to automated rotating platforms. Therefore, obtaining 360-degree 3D photos tends to be more expensive and is mainly used for high-value and long-lasting products on the market.

In our case, we focus on offering 360-degree product photography in a single axis, which is generally more necessary. This allows us to provide competitive prices without compromising quality, as with all of our photos in our 360 product photography studio.

Enhance your products with innovative 360-degree photography! Experience the visual difference and attract your customers from all angles.

Some examples of 360 degree product photos

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