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What is a product photographer?

The product photographer is an advertising photographer oriented exclusively to product photography where through their images or photographs of the product they make it known, with the intention that this image generates a purchase intention, or interest to potential customers in the product. market. The product photographer is a professional who obtains images of products where, with his ability and knowledge of controlling the lighting in it, he can highlight all the qualities, dimensions, materials and textures, turning a simple 2D photo into a product-oriented art. the sale with the characteristics of the 3 dimensions. In short, they can make the product look as if we had it in our hands and also increase the desire to own and buy the product. It should be noted that professional product photographers are not all those who claim to take product photos, since it is the most technical and complicated photographic discipline of all other disciplines. Therefore, if you want a true and professional photo of your products, only go to professional product photographers where they can verify the quality of the techniques and final results in their own images.

Leo K.
Professional Photographer in Product Photography. follow me on my networks
Leo K. "Estudiografía"Specialist Product Photographermax@maxmadphotography.com

The product photographer in our product photography studio.

Today we are 3 photographers in our photographic studio for products located in Malaga, more precisely on the coast of Estepona, a few kilometers from Marbella.

Leo, is the professional product photographer in the studio, bases his experience in the field of advertising product photography, food photography, splashes and particle freezing, e-commerce or online stores (the typical white background photography) 360 photography for products, with magnificent lighting control for every need, perfectly representing the object to be photographed and meeting the needs of customers when communicating their product to the market. He is also one of the few who has a degree in product photography from the USA.

And a very important detail is that of having the first and at the moment the only Youtube channel "Estudiografia" in Spanish speaking, referring only and exclusively to product photography with thousands of followers. It also implements courses, workshops and advice on product photography for individuals and companies. And providing Marketing advice for product images.

Many of today's photographers in product photography in Spain have consulted or learned from Leo, better known as Leo of Estudiografia. This is the guarantee seal of knowledge, professionalism and quality when we have to choose one of the best product photographers in Spain.


The Gastronomy photographer at Maxmad Food photography studio.

Knowing that the discipline of gastronomic photography is a part of product photography, we have to understand that many photographers have specialized their photographic style to food.
Sergio Fortes
Professional Photographer in Food Photography. Follow me in my networks
Sergio FortesSpecialist Gastronomic Photographercontact@maxmadphotography.com

life style photographer

This is the case of Sergio Fortes who, in addition to Leo, complement each other perfectly in food or gastronomy photography. Of course, to be a food photographer, in addition to mastering the lighting perfectly, you have to have extensive knowledge of the composition of the set, the angle of the camera, the makeup of the food, giving it the feeling of helplessness, freshness, the correct preparation of the dish, styling and accompanying components. It is an art dedicated to the world of food photography. And in this particular case Sergio is an artist with all his letters, his dedication, his details, the correct choice of elements and their colors, lighting control make him the gastronomic photographer you need for your food. It should be added that Sergio is one of the best wedding photographers in Spain, with an impressive career and countless amounts of positive reviews. And as it was not less you can also meet him on his Youtube Channel "Sergio Fortes". These reasons make our studio generate many professional photographs as it is made up of incredible professional photographers.

El fotografo de Life Style

Surely you are wondering what Life Style is (you can see the page to find out), but in short, it is the interaction of the product with the direct consumer and possible potential customer of the product or brand.

Julian Marinov
Professional Photographer in Life Style Photography. Follow me in my networks
Julian MarinovSpecialist people photographercontact@maxmadphotography.com

The photographer of Life Style and Social Networks for products.

Well, for this, we have Julián Marinov, he is a great professional in people photography, he comes from the field of wedding and event photography, just like Sergio. But what is fascinating about Julian is his special way of knowing how to integrate the product with the client, obtaining fantastic results, whether it be lifestyle photos for websites or photos for social networks that are highly requested today. There is no brand, company, bar, restaurant, fashion store, or any other item and product that does not have its social networks like Instagram that constantly need a new number of photos every month. And there our photographic studio goes outdoors to please and fill our clients with happiness.

Also, if you wish, you can learn more about Julian on his YouTube channel "Julian Marinov" with more than 220 thousand followers, and more than 10 years helping photographers.

Our Product Photography studio in Malaga. Marbella

As you will see, the bases of our studio have solid, guaranteed and quality foundations that are very difficult to find today if someone does not recommend "their friend or trusted photographer". But if we search this vast world of the internet we will find plenty of photographers who "say" they are product photographers, but who are actually good photographers in other fields but as far as product photography is concerned they are not, and the best way to verify that, it is their images, the quality of their techniques, what their product photos really transmit, and above all to see that everything that is shown is easily verifiable with their trajectory, either in reviews, clients or see how they are on a YouTube channel and feel the sensation that he transmits when he teaches his knowledge for free. And you can only find that here at Maxmad Photography. Studio specialized in products.

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