just a maximum madness ...
And That Means??...

Well, when you do not follow the standards and use your feelings to create and/or live your life as you wish, 
people defines you as crazy or out of the normality… 

and yes, if we define ourselves as free and do what we feel is crazy

then let it be to the maximum!

The eyes

LeoPhotographer and Marketing
I am Leo, I'm from Argentina and a large part of my life I was surrounded by advertising, image, video, marketing, strategies and sales, where I build my advertising and marketing agency and has been working for 20 years. I also always had a passion for photography, capturing sensations, details and particulars of each situation. The combination of my passion and my profession open the doors to a new world, product and beauty photography, in addition to the manipulation and control of light and quality of detail, produces an extraordinary result.
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