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What is e-commerce photography?

E-commerce photography, tailored for online platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, and others, is distinguished by presenting products individually against a plain background, typically white.

While this type of product photography may seem simpler and more cost-effective, it doesn’t warrant the use of mobile devices or amateur photographers. Quality considerations are crucial, allowing a comprehensive evaluation of the product’s form, characteristics, and material. Each product may undergo 3 to 5 shots from different angles, ensuring buyers get a thorough view. Hence, entrusting a professional e-commerce photographer with this task is of paramount importance.

Fotografía e commerce

Keep in mind

The key lies in understanding that the difference between a professional e-commerce photograph and a poorly executed e-commerce photograph directly influences the consumer's purchasing decision. Remember that between two competitors, a client looking for the same or similar product will opt for someone who invests in communicating the product with photos for ecommerce in a clearer and more professional way. They will be more sure that the product is worth it since the producer invests in the same, do not fall into the trap that professional ecommerce photography is not important, even if your product is very economical or its benefits between cost and sale are low. Remember that the better the quality of communication, the sales increase and therefore the benefits and investment costs will also be reduced by the amount of sales.

fotografia e commerce mal realizada
Poorly done e-commerce photography
E-commerce Photography Services
Well executed E-commerce Photography

Communicate and sell your products in online stores with appropriate ecommerce photographs

In our e-commerce product photography service, we cater to products of all sizes and categories, ranging from small items like pins to large vehicles. While each requires a distinct technique and investment, the goal for the e-commerce photographer remains clear: to present the product in a simple, clear, and precise manner, providing potential clients with a comprehensive view before making a purchase. The quality of the images is pivotal, directly influencing purchasing decisions and, consequently, impacting the overall benefits and costs of the investment.

estudio fotografico ecommerce

It’s crucial to recognize that, in this phase, the potential client has progressed beyond the attraction and interest stages and is poised to make a purchasing decision. A failure in this critical phase, stemming from ineffective communication through our e-commerce product photography, jeopardizes all prior efforts.

The quality of the photos serves as a direct communicator of the product’s value to the customer. Subpar images may convey a perception of lower quality, prompting the customer to close the product page in search of more appealing alternatives with superior professional e-commerce photography. The impact of this phase extends beyond immediate decisions, influencing the overall success of previous marketing efforts.

We recommend reinforcing customer action with interactive 360º photography and commerce, as detailed in our services or by clicking here.

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*Conditions of the satisfaction guarantee. All the work will be redone in case the client is not satisfied with the result of the final photograph, as long as the conditions and characteristics of the project are respected according to the agreement previously accepted by the client and the photographic studio, and the client has not changed ideas and wants another type of agreement not stipulated in what is accepted and agreed upon, nor will dissatisfaction on the part of the client be valid due to variations in angles or quantities or settings or extra elements outside the previously accepted agreement.

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Fotografías en situaciones de interacción con un producto, ya sea consumidor o productor. Aptos para redes sociales y sitios web. No aptos para la impresión.

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Pack de precios*

Fotografías en situaciones de trabajo, empresariales, industriales que no incluyen productos. Aptos para redes sociales y sitios web. No aptos para la impresión.

*Precios por sesión. Edición incluida

Rango de precios*

Productos muy similares no complejos, fondo blanco, corrección de color y edición simple no recortadas.

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nuestros packs

Packs de 30, 60  y 90 fotos por sesion al mes

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