Food photography prices

Welcome to our food photography prices section, here we will present our price options for various types of food photography. As we already know, we can separate gastronomic photos into 4 types and therefore they must be priced differently.

food photography prices
fotografo para restaurante
foto producto comida
fotografia alimentos

Rates for food photography

As in the prices for e-commerce photography, here in gastronomic photography prices we can find a number of offers from supposed professionals in taking photos of your food. In some cases offering ridiculous prices and taking photos with a smartphone.

How do rates differ between different types of food photos?

Well, because of its complexity, functionality and target audience.

For example, to make a budget for food photos for social networks, they are the most requested and are generally hired per month due to the number of photos required by this type of social media platforms that are constantly adding new material to their feeds. For this reason, it is necessary to adjust to the needs of clients and create packs of the number of photos per session per month.

Logically, the rates for food photos for a gastronomy magazine presenting 5 Michelin star dishes where they have to be photographed with particular requirements, which are also generally accompanied by food stylists, and specific compositions, have to be very different, whether due to the prior preparation time, number of specialist people involved and the final quality of the photo that has to be printed.

The same thing happens if we have to prepare a quote for gastronomic photos for online stores, and yes, although it may seem strange, food photos are also taken with a white background and their rates are different from if we have to prepare a budget for product photography for e -commerce, because the preparation time for each dish takes more time than just placing a product, taking a photo and changing it, where throughout a work day we can take between 30 and 40 photos, however in the ecommerce food photo we could reach 15 or 20 photos per day. Always depending on individuals, logically.


You pay once for a job well done.
On the other hand, a poorly executed one costs you up to three times more.

Are you going to choose wrong or right?

Experience allows us to tell you that the number of clients who come into our hands due to bad choices is increasing every day and all for the same reason.

Having paid cheap prices and receiving mediocre jobs.

Food photography prices

We propose 2 types of price packs for the gastronomic photography session. One is a monthly subscription, with a permanent contract. And the second for a one-time session.

Our proposals

These rates are the most used in food photography, highly requested in restaurants, bars or food establishments.

600 Per Day Or Work Session*
The most hired
450 Per Month*
  • Minimum Contract of 3 Months

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nuestros packs

Packs de 30, 60  y 90 fotos por sesion al mes

1.020 por una vez*
  • 17€ x Foto
600 Por una vez*
  • 20€ x foto
El mas rentable
1.300 Por una vez*
  • 14,45€ x Foto

nuestros packs

Packs de 30, 60  y 90 fotos por sesion al mes

765 por mes*
  • 12,75€ x Foto
450 Por mes*
  • 15€ x foto
El mas rentable
975 Por mes*
  • 10,84€ x Foto

Pack de precios*

Fotografías en situaciones de interacción con un producto, ya sea consumidor o productor. Aptos para redes sociales y sitios web. No aptos para la impresión.

*Precios por sesión. Edición incluida

Pack de precios*

Fotografías en situaciones de trabajo, empresariales, industriales que no incluyen productos. Aptos para redes sociales y sitios web. No aptos para la impresión.

*Precios por sesión. Edición incluida

Rango de precios*

Productos muy similares no complejos, fondo blanco, corrección de color y edición simple no recortadas.

*Precios por producto