Lifestyle photography prices

Welcome to our lifestyle photography prices section, here we will present our options. In this style of photography we can find 2 types of lifestyle photos, one more style of work situations, and one in the relationship of the product with the consumer and that is why we price them differently.

precios fotografia lifestyle
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Lifestyle photography prices
Fotografo para fotografia lifestyle

Our lifestyle photography prices

This style of photography, just as happens in the prices for gastronomic and e-commerce photography, we will find a number of offers on the market. It is normal that we find a vast variety of lifestyle photography prices, from the cheapest, which border on the ridiculous, to truly crazy at high prices.

How do rates differ between different types of lifesyle photos?

Well, because of its purpose in communication, functionality and target audience.

Lifestyle photographs aimed at industry or commerce tend to be photos of work situations, workers in factories, office workers doing their jobs, waiters serving customers, or an employee of a clothing store arranging clothes on hangers. We can say that they are photos where a communication of service and emotions is expressed when contacting the company, very oriented towards the use of official websites and also for use on social networks, they are photos that may only be necessary to do a photo session and he is a punctual client, and the photos are simpler to take, without much special technique or equipment, that is why the prices for industrial lifestyle photography are usually the most economical pack, which does not mean low quality.

On the other hand, product-oriented lifestyle photography is completely different, since here it is very important to know how to highlight the person’s product and know how to make the product take center stage and at the same time transmit a direct link with the client and the company. satisfaction from the use of that product, that is why lifestyle photography prices are oriented to products, they do require special knowledge in lighting, focus, communication, marketing, understanding of the brand and its needs, which makes its price higher than some industrial or commercial photos.


The difference between a professional lifestyle photographer or not lies in the correct communication of your product with the client. If you see a photo that does not convey that feeling, do not hire that photographer, since he does not know about communication.

Are you going to let the competition overtake you because you have chosen your photographic communicator poorly?

Here we are going to repeat the same thing that we have commented in other parts of our website.

Experience supports us in saying that a large part of our clients who come to our studio have made the bad choices of leaving their communication in the hands of incompetent photographers, and there are more every day.

Lifestyle photography prices

We propose 2 types of price packs for the lifestyle photography session. One is a pack for an industrial or commercial photography session. And the second for a product-oriented lifestyle session.

In both cases we can find several price options for the number of photos per session.

Our proposals

These rates are the most used in lifestyle photography, highly requested in restaurants, bars, as well as in law firms, or factories, and above all widely used by brands to link their product with the end customer.

Industrial or commercial Listyle photography

560 Per day or work session*
The most hired

Product-oriented lifestyle photography

640 Per Day Or Work Session*

Let's work together

If you are looking for a quote for your lifestyle photographs, send us a detailed message about your needs.

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Pack de precios*

Fotografías en situaciones de trabajo, empresariales, industriales que no incluyen productos. Aptos para redes sociales y sitios web. No aptos para la impresión.

*Precios por sesión. Edición incluida

Pack de precios*

Fotografías en situaciones de interacción con un producto, ya sea consumidor o productor. Aptos para redes sociales y sitios web. No aptos para la impresión.

*Precios por sesión. Edición incluida

Rango de precios*

Productos muy similares no complejos, fondo blanco, corrección de color y edición simple no recortadas.

*Precios por producto

nuestros packs

Packs de 30, 60  y 90 fotos por sesion al mes

1.020 por una vez*
  • 17€ x Foto
600 Por una vez*
  • 20€ x foto
El mas rentable
1.300 Por una vez*
  • 14,45€ x Foto

nuestros packs

Packs de 30, 60  y 90 fotos por sesion al mes

765 por mes*
  • 12,75€ x Foto
450 Por mes*
  • 15€ x foto
El mas rentable
975 Por mes*
  • 10,84€ x Foto