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The corporate photography service is everything related to the external communication of a company, it is very similar to life style photography, but instead of representing a product or service, communication is everything related to what the company it is itself, its services, products, staff, facilities and so on.


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The Maxmad Photography service for companies

Here the service offered is more than representing emotions of the use of the service or product, it is to communicate a guarantee of satisfaction to the future client of the company, that is why the photographer or photographers, many times different types of photographers with different styles are combined to guarantee perfect communication in final images.

This type of photography we can find the typical photo of the staff (photo of Staff), photography of work situations, such as, for example, employees on a production line, or a meeting of managers, or a truck loading the company's product.

In addition, there is also architectural photography, that is, the photography of the establishment itself, the offices, the production plants.

We can find photography of the product, of the raw materials, of the machines that are used, the packaging of the product and others.

And in many cases even aerial photography, with a drone, to take the dimensions of the establishment, access roads and other photos that would not be possible to take in person. Therefore, you must have the skill and license to use drones.

Corporate photography is essential for the communication of any company, B2B or B2C, they need to differentiate themselves or make themselves known and guarantee a quality of their services or products, with respect to their competitors in the market


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