Food photography

Food photography has to convey, just as in a product, a sensation through a 2D image, so that the product is palatable, desirable, real and produces the need to consume it.

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How do we take food photography?

For this it is necessary to have a knowledge of the technique, to show what textures it has, what type of food it is, how it is cooked or prepared, if it is dry or wet, its freshness, the context where this food or product is presented food, you have to know what type of lighting it has, to freeze a liquid or immortalize the smoke that comes from our food, or the type of camera angle to make you feel the feeling that it is you who is consuming that product. You have to know and implement the colors, with a color palette, know what kind of bases and utensils to add to obtain a unique photo. Here, too, the role of the photographer is essential, the experience of each of these factors mentioned has an unmatched relevance with respect to photographers who only claim to know how to photograph, and in the end they give you a job that seems to be taken from a smartphone.

In addition, a gastronomic photo is not only the photo of the product to be consumed, or of a food or a drink, but also knowing how to prepare the context, even knowing how to hire beautiful hands that dress a meat, or a model where you are kneading a pizza, or a chef who is decorating his plate, or a bartender serving a cocktail and many other situations that require a person to interact with the subject. Here not only the lighting of our food product comes into play but the correct choice, lighting and direction of a model for our final photograph.

Also, food photography is widely used for catalogs, or menus of gastronomic places, such as bars, restaurants, fast food, large supermarkets and any place that has to sell gastronomic and / or food products.



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