What is Life Style and Social media photography?

Lifestyle and social media photography is the photographic style of capturing everyday moments or a lifestyle associated with a product or service

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What do we transmit with our photographs?

What is transmitted here are emotions due to the use of our products or our services, such as relaxing situations in a Spa, or people enjoying a workout in a gym, or room service in a hotel, some guys sharing moments with their phones, an executive reading a newspaper and showing a watch, and so on, thousands of everyday life situations represented in photographic images, where they will be used for the most part in social media feeds, uses on websites, communication accessories for products. , advertisements in magazines, or advertising campaigns, all with the purpose of capturing emotions and unique moments integrated into the product or service.

It is essential in this case a photographer experienced in capturing emotions, situations, camera angles, reaction speed and handling of models in particular situations, in order to integrate the product and achieve the ideal communication, who understand the demands of marketing, branding and the concept of the brand or company that our photographic services require.



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