Product photography

What is product photography?

It is the photographic representation of a 3-dimensional product, with its shapes, textures and materials through a 2-dimensional photograph, which are generally used for its marketing and communication.

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What is product photography for our studio?

As we have said previously, product photography has to be a faithful representation of the product to be photographed.
For this reason, the product photographer has to know how to manipulate light to make the photograph itself understand all these aforementioned characteristics and many times include the product in a setting, so that it is related to its real environment.

Unfortunately, not all photographers are capable of taking a true product photograph, although many say they are product photographers, or that they know how to take a photo of a product, but it is a total fallacy and a lie, many do not even have adequate equipment not one tenth of the techniques needed in product photography, noting that product photography is the most technical and well-equipped photographic discipline compared to all other photographic styles.

Many brands have had to redo all their work with us, due to the deficiencies of this type of photographer. Do not be convinced by a good price to obtain a product photograph from a non-specialist photographer, in the end the cheap is expensive.

Our studio is indeed a specialist and dedicated in product photography, with certifications and diplomas that guarantee it, knowing even the most precise techniques for each type of product, as well as having all the necessary equipment for each need. An exquisite control of the lights, modifying them to get to highlight each shape, texture, measurements and materials of your product, knowing what angle, what reflection, what lens to use to highlight it from the rest.
In addition to knowing where and how to set the product, known as still-life  photography, where props (elements) are added to a scene to recreate a real-life environment, where the product could be used, integrating the target of customers in set to the product. Our experience, quality and portfolio certify and guarantee superior quality for your company, making it stand out from the competition.

We work side by side with the large marketing and advertising agencies, obtaining addresses of great artistic directors where they pass their ideas to us and we represent them in one or more photographs. But also because of our experience we work with smaller companies where we advise them on marketing and how the product should be presented, and creating an artistic idea, facilitating and solving the needs of our clients, where we know the need to have the solution all in one place. .


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