Still life photography

What is Still Life photography?

In short, it is a product or gastronomic photography where our subject is photographed in an environment, or is set in a way to make him see within his environment where they are related to the product to be sold.


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Quality and creativity in Still Life Photography

We have already commented on product photography, the issue of knowing how to set an entire scene with props to integrate it into a real environment where the product could be consumed.

Still life or still life photography is also considered to be pack photography, which would be nothing other than a photograph where several products are shown at the same time with the intention of selling them all and not concentrating on just one. Widely used in cosmetic photography when a series of the same brand is presented for the same type of use and client.

This is where the creativity of the photographer comes in, if there is no directive from an agency or artistic director, to create true works of commercial art, which attracts the consumer's eye and can generate a call to action! Buy!


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