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What is still life photography in product photography?

From a technical and conceptual point, the types of still life photography, which can also be known as still life, refers to a photographic style that recreates environments with various objects, focusing on creativity and artistic concept.

It is essential to understand that, although similar, still life photography or product photography differs from its artistic counterpart.

Fotografo de Fotografia de Bodegon o Still life

Because they are different?

The key is that still life photography for products is oriented towards sales, as we explain in our product photography services. In this context, we need to “sell” our product, and when taking a still life photograph, we are setting our product with specific props or elements to relate it to its environment.

Fotografia de bodegon artistico
Fotografia de bodegon artistico
Fotografia de bodegon para vender
Fotografia de bodegon para vender

In these two photos, the left image, an artistic still life photograph, showcases the photographer’s creative expression, a subjective realm where objections are minimal. However, focusing on the objective of selling a product, specifically the bottle, scrutiny reveals several shortcomings. Poor light control and inadequate angles obscure the product, undesirable reflections persist, and the overall composition lacks precision. The absence of color correction and post-editing further hinders clarity about the product material. In the realm of product photography, this chaotic still life is deemed unsuitable for sales.

Contrastingly, the photo on the right, an advertising still life, speaks volumes for itself. It embodies all the essential elements lacking in the former—effective lighting, optimal angles, controlled reflections, meticulous composition, and post-production enhancements. Personal preferences aside, the undeniable fact remains: the right photo is crafted to sell a product, while the artistic one falls short in this commercial context.

In short, in this approach, it is a Still Life photography oriented towards professional still life photography oriented towards the sale of the product, not towards artistic still life. And that is why it is essential to choose a still life photographer specialized in products to guarantee correct visual communication with your potential clients and not compromise the message, since if we had used this artistic facet we would not have related the product to the end client, and there we will fail as content communicators.


Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the setting of your products is an effective communication for your potential customers.
Here is an invaluable tip: choosing a cheaper still life photographer service that does not specialize in products can be counterproductive to sales expectations.
Hiring a specialized product still life photographer not only means capturing the essence of your product, but also masterfully setting it in a still life photography. In this context, the setting becomes a carefully designed representation of a potential client's environment, which is essential to convey the identity that your brand or product seeks to project.

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And gastronomic still life photography?

In food photography, a parallel scenario unfolds. Numerous instances of artistic still life with food abound, often seen as creative experimentation. However, these images, while artistically expressive, fall short in effectively communicating the essence of food. In our food photography services section, we elaborate extensively on what food photography should entail. Our approach aligns with the principles of product photography, emphasizing the goal of “selling” rather than merely satisfying the photographer’s artistic ego. It underscores the importance of capturing food in a way that resonates with the audience, prioritizing the communication of its appeal and tempting qualities, a key aspect often overshadowed in purely artistic endeavors.

Still life Photography

Presenting an example of our gastronomic still life photography, we demonstrate meticulous attention to detail in crafting an environment perfectly tailored through elements, positioning, colors, focus, and lighting. This showcases the expertise required for capturing the essence of culinary creations. Avoid the pitfalls of engaging amateur or non-specialized professional photographers for your gastronomic photos. Trust in our specialized approach to elevate your visual representation.

Before committing, examine the work and make sure it represents what you need. Don’t make the huge mistake of hiring amateur photographers, or hobbyists or relatives, or photographers who are not specialists in food photos.

In our studio, we guarantee to be professionals and specialists in the effective communication of products for sale or promotion, whether edible or not.

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