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Bul. Hristo Botev, 49 of13.
Capital City Center
4000. Plovdiv. Bulgaria
Angel DanchevClient Managerangeldanchev@maxmadphotography.com

The facilities

The photo studio is located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, which, being one of the EC countries and a strategic position, allows us to have clients from all over Europe, even from neighboring countries outside the community.
That is why many clients send us their products to be photographed in the studio, but that does not limit us from being able to travel to other countries to take the necessary photographs for your company on site.
We have a studio divided into 2 floors of a total of 120m2.
The first lower consists of the specialized photo studio for product photography, and people photography. 36m2 of surface and 5 meters in height.

In addition to having a video filming area, for products and YouTube channels, of about 12m2. A small deposit and the restroom.
On the upper floor are the workstations and the meeting room.
Product photography

Our studio has all the necessary equipment to take any type of product or gastronomic photography and of people.
We have a large number of softboxes or modifiers, a wide lighting system, infinite accessories, tripods, diffusers and special equipment for 360º photography, you can see the equipment on our page dedicated to the equipment by clicking here.

Product Photography studio Bulgaria
Advertising photography

Whether it is a product photograph for e-commerce, or a high-quality photograph for advertising, our studio guarantees the quality and equipment necessary to take them.


Our studio offers
In our studio we can make jewelry to medium sizes, such as electrical appliances, when larger subjects need to be made, we rent suitable larger facilities or go to the clients' showrooms or warehouses and assemble a photographic set for the occasion. Such products as furniture, cars, or interiors.
360º photography. Professional product photography. Still life photography. Corporate photography. E-commerce photography. Staff photograph. Gastronomic photography.

In addition, we also make all kinds of video products, corporate videos and Videos for YouTube.
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Bul. Hristo Botev, 49, of.13
Capital City Center
4000 - Plovdiv Bulgaria
+359 88 939 6071

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