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Lifestyle photography, as we define it, is a photographic style that establishes a connection between our product and the end consumer. While technical and production details may not be explicitly explained, it’s important to note that these photos shouldn’t be captured with a phone. They also differ from images where people are the main focus, as seen in magazine photos. Instead, opting for a professional lifestyle photographer becomes imperative. A professional in this field understands how to emphasize the interaction of the product with the client who uses it.

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While lifestyle photography demands specific lighting, angles, scenography, and styling techniques, it is considered less complex than traditional product photography. Our emphasis lies in crafting an environment tailored for effective product communication.

As detailed in our still life photography service, we illustrate how the product is intricately connected to its environment. In lifestyle photography, our focus shifts to cultivating direct interaction between the product and the potential customer within their personal environment.


Let's observe how big brands do it, like Coca-Cola, which invests millions in strengthening its brand with the end consumer.

Discover how our Life Style images can transform the perception of your product.

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Other uses of Life Style photographs

This type of photography is also used to build a bank of business images, showing work situations, details of products in their environment, the factory where the products are produced and other contexts such as hands on a car steering wheel highlighting the attributes behind the wheel, some models on a yacht where the brand is visible, some children wearing pajamas that are going to be sold, a young man using a product such as a keyboard to play, to name a few examples that a professional lifestyle photographer can come up with. To make.

Where can Life Style photographs be used?

Lifestyle photographs find common applications on company websites, in advertising, promotions, magazines, catalogs, and notably, in commercial photography for social networks.

In contemporary commerce, product photography for social media plays an indispensable role. A single Instagram post can swiftly translate into selling the featured product in our online store or promoting exclusive offers directly to a targeted audience. This trend extends to platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and emerging networks. This is precisely where social media photography becomes pivotal, and the lifestyle photographer assumes the role of understanding both client and potential client needs, crafting engaging content that halts scrolling, sustaining interest.

The evolution of this landscape demands that the lifestyle photographer evolves into a specialist for social networks, reflecting the increasing demand for photographers adept at catering to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and website-specific needs.

Fotografo para redes sociales

Some of our work from our lifestyle photographer

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In addition, we offer a satisfaction guarantee: if you are not satisfied with the work of our lifestyle photographer, we will redo the work at no cost until you are 100% satisfied (see conditions).

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*Conditions of the satisfaction guarantee. All the work will be redone in case the client is not satisfied with the result of the final photograph, as long as the conditions and characteristics of the project are respected according to the agreement previously accepted by the client and the photographic studio, and the client has not changed ideas and wants another type of agreement not stipulated in what is accepted and agreed upon, nor will dissatisfaction on the part of the client be valid due to variations in angles or quantities or settings or extra elements outside the previously accepted agreement.

Pack de precios*

Fotografías en situaciones de interacción con un producto, ya sea consumidor o productor. Aptos para redes sociales y sitios web. No aptos para la impresión.

*Precios por sesión. Edición incluida

Pack de precios*

Fotografías en situaciones de trabajo, empresariales, industriales que no incluyen productos. Aptos para redes sociales y sitios web. No aptos para la impresión.

*Precios por sesión. Edición incluida

Rango de precios*

Productos muy similares no complejos, fondo blanco, corrección de color y edición simple no recortadas.

*Precios por producto

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Packs de 30, 60  y 90 fotos por sesion al mes

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nuestros packs

Packs de 30, 60  y 90 fotos por sesion al mes

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